Hollywood Blvd.
80's Glam / Hair Metal Tribute Band

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Hollywood Blvd. on Tour!

Promo Video

Just what are we all about?  Give this a listen.  The best way to describe Hollywood Blvd. is toname any 80's hair band, and then name the two or three songs you know and love.  That's our play list - all the hits, all the hair, all the time!

Living On The Edge...

of a broken heart.  That's just how it is on the road.  It's really tough emotionally.  Another show, another wild party, and a new bunch of groupies.  Someone has have all the sex, do all the drugs, and rock & roll.  That would be us.  

Hard Rock Heartbreaker

Roxxy and the boys throwing down a little Pat Benatar at the Seminole Hard Rock in Tampa.  Sure, Benatar had short hair, but she was definitely hard rock!  To be fair, we'd rock hard if we played Sweet Caroline or Margaritiville (Don't worry - we don't!)


When you have to feel it in your blood, and you need that touch, not love.  You want, you need you lust, there is only one choice; be an Animal! 


Let's face it, the girls in Heart had some of the biggest hair there was period.  While the song is called alone, Hollywood is actually performing with special guest Marie Sorenson here.  Because, I mean, Heart.  Brunette singer, and Blonde on guitar.  We are nothing if not authentic!

Talk Dirty Tuesdays

Just another Tuesday night for Hollywood Blvd.  Having a few beers, and Talking Dirty...