Hollywood Blvd.
80's Glam / Hair Metal Tribute Band

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Meet the Band

And not on the tour bus, although that can be arranged....

Roxxy Diamond

Vocals and
Mic Stand
Diamonds are the hardest of all rocks - and Roxxy absolutely rocks hard.  With a voice that can make angels jealous, and an attitude that can make the devil smile, she is the voice of Hollywood Blvd.  And just like a diamond, she shines and sparkles - but watch out, diamonds can cut glass!

Steve Dallas

Also know as the "Cadillac Cowboy" for his love of Dean Cadillac guitars, Steve throws down with blistering blues-based riffs, and a hint of neo-classical shred stylings.  He's got a sound as big as Texas, not that he's ever been there.  Also a fan of Jack Daniels by the bottle.  Don't try to drink that much at home - Steve is a highly trained professional.
Guitars and
Jack Daniels Whiskey


Guitars, Guitars, and more Guitars
A man of few words, but many notes, Dizzy tears it up with lightning speed, style, and whammy bar mayhem.Dizzy is from that hotbed of molten metal guitar players, L.A..  In case you notice elements of Dokken's George Lynch, Ratt's Warren DeMartini, and many others from that era...who do you think they learned it from?   He's shredderific!

Billy Nova

Billy is the beast on bass that holds down the big bottom of Hollywood Blvd.  You'll feel the rumble in your bowels!     Stand back just in case he goes super-Nova with some low down furious five string bass evil!  At well over 7 feet tall, he a formidable presence on stage as well the bass.  Fast cars, fast women, and hard rock are what Billy is all about.
4 and 5 String Basses

Slade Savage

Drums, Cowbell, Keyboards, and more Cowbell!!!
The down and dirty thunder behind the lightning licks of Dizzy and Steve Dallas, is drumming is so brutal that he has been listed as a geological hazard by the Center for Seismic Studies.  Slade's tribal rhythms will make you bang your head, and possibly thrust your pelvis!  He is also the Hollywodd Blvd. MVP playing the keys and with his high harmony vocal chops.